Planned Upgrades

  • Add Back Seat
  • Finish – On-Board Air System
    • Tank
  • Finish Dash and Gauges – 2nd batt gauge, replace temp and tach with black gauge, add air pressure gauge for air system
    • Clean up behind the Dash Wiring
    • License Plate Illumination
    • Tow Light Connector
    • Clean up body Wiring Harness
    • Rock Lighting
    • LED Whip – Just because I like them.
    • Paint Front Bumper Lights
  • Winch
  • Replace Steering Wheel
  • Remove Rust on Axles/Springs, Apply Paint
  • Fix gas tank filler neck with Metal instead of Rubber.
  • Wheels and Tires
    • Newer Tires
    • Proper Sized Rims

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